Talking With Tyler Kepner – April 11, 2019

Talking With Tyler Kepner – April 11, 2019

Photo by Eric Broder

This week, Ira spoke with Tyler Kepner. To listen to the interview click below.

New York Times baseball writer Tyler Kepner is author of  “K: A History of Baseball in Ten Pitches,” published by Doubleday, which traces the story behind each pitch, as far back as the 19th century.

In this 30-minute episode of Talk About Las Vegas, Kepner talks about his lifelong love of baseball; the characteristics of the pitcher and the integral part he plays in the game; the history and development of each unique pitch; interviews with the players who have contributed to the lore of baseball through their pitching styles; and why baseball is here to stay. 

Kepner has been reporting on NY Yankees since 2002.  Before that he had covered the NY Mets since 2000.  Prior to joining The Times, Kepner covered the Seattle Mariners for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer from 1998-1999.  

Previously he wrote about the Anaheim Angels for the Riverside Press-Enterprise from 1997-1998. Kepner Graduated from Vanderbilt University with a B.A. degree in 1997.  He attended Vanderbilt on the Grandtland Rice-Fred Russel Sports Writing Scholarship.  

Born in Philadelphia, he currently lives in Stamford, CT with his wife and children.  

Twitter: @TylerKepner


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