Talking With Matt Stell – April 4, 2019

Talking With Matt Stell – April 4, 2019

This week, Ira spoke with Matt Stell. To listen to the interview click below.

Country Music artist Matt Stell, brings his unique style to Las Vegas when he performs an all-ages free show at Topgolf Las Vegas on  April 6.

In this 30-minute episode of Talk About Las Vegas, Stell talks about his popular single, “Prayed For You”; the meaningfulness of his April 27th Grand Ole Opry debut; why he loves the narrative lyrics of country music; the enduring creative appeal of living and working in Nashville; why he learned who you are and what you want to be are not the same thing; and how it’s hard to turn loose of a dream.

Born in central Arkansas and raised there as well as central Florida, Stell’s path to making music was unconventional. He has written songs with artists like Casey Donahew, Bart Crow and John D. Hale Band, in which these artists have put these songs on their CDs, and, in some cases, released them as radio singles. “Whiskey Baby” and “Small Town Love,” two songs co-written with Donahew, both reached No. 1 on the Texas regional radio charts. 

Following through on the success of these and other music releases, he decided to make the move to Nashville to pursue writing and making music at the highest level. When Stell’s not playing shows across the South and Midwest, he spends most of his time writing songs for himself and other artists.


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